Once upon a time we had dreams of a magical place, a property overflowing with nature’s beauty, blooming with flowers and fruit trees with some of God’s most amazing animals grazing on its pastures. Join us on our journey of making those dreams come true…as we welcome you to…

Eden Valley Farm

Our Story

From Pennsylvania to Alabama, Eden Valley Farm was a dream in the making long before the farm was ours.
Ever dream of going back to a time when life was a little less stressful and simpler? The days when reaping what you sowed really meant something and made you feel like you were a part of something much larger. Our 70 acre farm in Northeast Alabama is bordered in the back by the Coosa River, and early settlers to this river region believed it to be the “Lost Valley of Eden” and began referring to it as such. Once we learned of that history, Eden Valley Farm was named.


Our goal over the next several years is to build that dream and invite all of you to visit us, Mike and Jaime, at our farm, nestled in a quiet river swept valley in northeastern Alabama. Follow along as we work on making all those dreams become a reality, with the goal of opening it for visitors to experience all of its beauty and splendor.


Products available at the farm or in our online shoppe
Make sure to visit the boutique shops we have too! Many items are either made on the farm itself or feature local ingredients. Our Eden Brand delivers some of the best naturally handmade bath and body products. Mixing Dixie offers uniqe creations and mixes of all kinds from gourmet foods to craft cocktails!

Eden Handcrafted Soap & Skincare

Handmade soap is exactly that made by hand. Ours is made with vegetable oil and/or animals fats for their skin care properties and will often include additives to the soap for their healing, exfoliating or aesthetic properties. The final product is further handcrafted by us with the packaging design.

Mixing Dixie

An infusion is a drink, remedy, or extract prepared by soaking the leaves of a plant or herb in liquid. At Mixing Dixie, we dehydrate organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and combine them with raw sugars and dried seasonings to create the perfect cocktail infusion in a jar. You simply pick your favorite "remedy" and add the spirits of your choice. We also have gourmet food dips that pair wonderfully with bread, chips, or vegetables
Eden Valley was super accommodating to special request of sizing & color. The shower steamers smell AMAZING! Highly recommend!
Elizabeth K.
The Rio Whipped Body Balm is also my favorite tattoo cream! I put it on all mine and it really brings out the colors and makes them more vibrant.
Instagram User
I've tried a few of these cocktail jars so far. Among them is the hibiscus cocktail that i infused with vodka. Such vibrant colors and a distinct (but not too overpowering) taste of hibiscus! Can't wait to try the new hibiscus cocktail jar with berries!
Chayenne R.
Tried the spicy bloody mary mix-it us amazing! Didn't even have to add anything extra, just tomato juice!!!Will definitely be getting more!
Becky R.
These are the best!! Very unique gift, hostess gift, stocking stuffer. Hot Toddy was perfect one a cold day when I wasn’t feeling well. Jaime uses only the best products.
Stacy M.
The product amazing and just as good smelling. So excited to have a small business with good body/hair/face care product!! Thank you Eden!! I will definitely be back!!!
Rosanna P.
The summer fun in the sun has taken a toll on my face. I have been using the Meltaway Facial Cleaning Balm and Exotic Face Elixir to help battle my already dry skin. Both of these products are very luxurious and moisturizing. My face feels so much better!!!!
Carla D.
I love every single product I’ve tried! The sugar scrubs are my favorite, and I love the face cream as well. The quality is great without adding any harsh ingredients. I’m slowly replacing my store bought products with all things Eden.
Ashley N.
Fantastic product! My wife loves the lotion and the hair conditioner and face scrub! The shower steamers are awesome too! Love the fragrances! Highly recommend.
Brandon D.
I want to say that the skin care products that I received from you works amazingly. I can’t wait to try your other products. Thank you very much.
Christine C.

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